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Maggie's Encore:
A Heartwarming Tale
Of A Music Loving Shelter Dog

Maggie's Encore

In a shelter where conformity is the norm, Encore stands out like a shining star. With a voice that echoes through the halls and dance moves that bring joy to all who witness them, he embraces his unique spirit with unwavering confidence. But sadly, his exuberance doesn't catch the attention of potential adopters, and he watches as other dogs find loving homes.


Through it all, Encore remains resolute, determined to be himself and share his love of music and dance with the world. His unwavering belief that someone will appreciate him just the way he is shines brightly, providing a powerful lesson to young readers about self-acceptance and resilience.

Don't miss the hidden song titles woven into the pages of this charming book! Great for children ages 4-10.

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